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Download Xverse Wallet for Android, iOS & Chrome

Xverse Wallet | Download Xverse, the leading self-custodial wallet for Bitcoin Web3, is proud to announce the launch of its new desktop browser extension.

The previous article was a Crash Course on ordinals and BTC wallet address types. The next step is choosing a wallet and setting it up.

Installing and setting up Xverse Wallet browser extension by Hamburgers4all

BTC Wallets

There are many wallets available to use. They have browser extension versions and mobile apps. I have chosen Xverse Wallet. Widely supported and very similar to Metamask. This article is a guide to installing the browser extension in Chrome but can be applied to your preferred browser.

Start by opening Chrome and going to: https://xverse.app/download
*You can also go directly to the Chrome Web Store and search for Xverse Wallet

Click the Download for Chrome button

Click the Add to Chrome button

Click the Add extension button and wait for the extension to download and install (this is an automated process that does not require user input)

When completed, you will get a notification that Xverse Wallet has been added to Chrome

Click the Extensions icon on the toolbar to access Xverse Wallet and/or pin it to the toolbar (I prefer to pin it to the toolbar)

Click on the Xverse Wallet extension icon to launch it and then click the Create Wallet button

Click the Skip button (unless you want to see the 3 onboarding informational pages)

Click the Accept button to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Click the Backup Now button to backup your seed phrase

*Not going to get into this here, but, just as you would with a wallet on any other chain, make sure you back up your seed phrase in a secure manner.

Click the Show button to display your seed phrase and once you’ve documented it, click the Continue button

Enter your seed phrase in the Selected Words box and click the Verify button to confirm your seed phrase backup

Create a New Password so that the Security level indicator bar turns green and displays Strong, then click the Continue button

Confirm Password and click the Continue button

When completed, you will get a notification that the Wallet created successfully, click the Close this tab button

Click on the Xverse Wallet extension icon to launch it and then enter your Password and click the Unlock button

You are now logged into your newly created Xverse Wallet and will start off on the wallet tab (along the bottom of the wallet window) with a single account, Account 1

*If desired, you can add more accounts with different addresses by clicking on Account 1 and then clicking on Create a new account

  • There are 4 tabs across the bottom of the wallet window: Wallet, Collectibles, STX Staking, and Settings
  • The 3 vertical stacked dots in the upper right allow you to: Switch Account, Lock, and Reset Wallet

WARNING: Reset Wallet will do just that, you will need your seed phrase to recover your wallet if you Rest Wallet. Only do this if you have your seed phrase backed up, have tested it, and absolutely need to reset your wallet.

Click the Receive button display the addresses for the selected account

Notice you have 3 different addresses:

A Legacy SegWit address type, this is where you send/receive your $BTC

Ordinals & BRC-20 Tokens
A Taproot address type, this where you receive ordinals and BRC-20 tokens

*If you connect your wallet to a marketplace, it will automatically communicate with the proper wallet address types and send/receive assets to/from the appropriate places. Some sites give you the option of completing a txn without connecting depending on the type of txn. This is where understanding address types is crucial. Make sure that you use the correct address for receiving. In this scenario, you will manually enter the receiving address and be prompted with details for the txn. From there you send X amount of $BTC to a specified address and once that txn is confirmed you will be sent your asset.

Stacks NFTs & SIP-10 tokens
Stacks is a BTC side chain, this will not be discussed here

Note: The buttons to the right of the addresses either copy the address or display a QR code

In the Collectibles tab**, you can view ordinals directly in your wallet or you can click the Open Gallery button, and it will open up in a full browser window

**In the Settings tab, under the Ordinals section, toggle the button on to Display Ordinals

There is also an option to Restore assets and Recover Ordinals if accidentally sent to your BTC payment address

Note: I have not used this feature and cannot attest to its functionality/success

You are now ready to use your wallet!

There are a lot of resources out there, but it can be hard to find the exact info you’re looking for sometimes. I hope this guide, and the previous article, helps people get started with BTC, Ordinals, and BRC-20. If you have any questions please feel to reach out on X or Discord (links below).